Dive Sites in Trincomalee

Trincomalee is a unique city and the capital of the eastern province. With the largest natural harbor in Asia. on the Bay of Bengal which can accommodate SOME OF THE the largest vessels. A tropical warm weather prevails around the year with beautiful sand ybeaches and crystal clear Turkish blue waters. There is a famous Hindu temple on top of the swami rock which is alos known as the lovers leap .A Hindu Temple with Thousand columns built many centuries ago was destroyed in 1622 by the Portuguese. The road and the climb to the site where the Koneswarm temple is situated leads through the Fort Frederick, built (1676) by the Dutch and the Area is guarded by the Army. During World War II, Trincomalee was the British naval headquarters IN THE SOUTH EAST ASIA. . The British naval base remained in Trincomalee until 1957, when government of Ceylon abrogated its defense agreement with Britain and took over the base. The coastal areas around the town was devastated by theDec., 2004, by the Indian Ocean tsunami..

Tourism is being developed. Some of the finest beaches in the world have been re opened for tourists, The famous Marble beach is nea rthe China bay air Base . The fascinating under water world gives the divers and snorkelers an unforgettable experience. The much spoken Pigeon Island has easy access from the Nilaweli Beach as well as from Uppuweli. The black tip reef sharks found near the pigeon islands, Turtles, famous corals reefs will certainly attract divers and snorkelers to the region.

Swami rock – Ganesh Statues
Multilevel site 25m, 18, 12, and 6m

Swami rock – Nursery slope
6 – 12 m
Magnitude of juvenile fish

Fort Fredrick point Depth
6 – 18 m
Big boulders and drop offs

Uppuveli House Reef – 1 km from the beach
5 – 10 m
Excellent corals

EEL Rock – 2.5 km from Uppuveli
12 – 18 m
Famous for Morays

Fort rock – 3.5 km from Uppuveli
28 – 34 m
Excellent marine life

42 m

Pigeon Island West
1 – 12 m
A fairly large rock is visible from the land. Site is good for snorkelers as well as for open water divers. Some of the largest table corals, stab horn corals leaf corals, many varieties of brain corals and lots of mushroom soft corals can be seen.

Pigeon Island – 12 km from Uppuveli
– Snorkeling Spot –
Shark Point

More often divers can see black tip reefs sharks at a depth of 1 – 3 m visiting the south eastern side of the island. Certified snorkeling guide to accompany. You can find more information on our “Pigeon Island Tour” Page

Sardine Tooth (Sala pallu known in tamil) – distance from Hotel Chaaya Blue is 15km
1 – 12 m
Famous for the soft corals

Pinnacles – 2 km from Uppuveli
1 – 16 m
Just 10 min by boat from Hotel Chaaya Blue has got three pinnacles. A good site to conduct the under water navigation training dives.

Uppuweli Coral Bed – 1.5 km from Chaya Blue
Good place to see the coral in the only glass bottom which operates from chaya blu.

Kotuwe Gala – 5 km from Uppuveli
Not very far away from the swami rock. The reef is situated in front of fort fredricks from which the name was given.

Swami rock – West
3 – 16 m
The west side of the swami rock. Depth starting from 3m and goes don to 16m. A very good open water training site. Special care has to be taken since a lot of fishing boats go near the temple to dash a coconut on the wall as a ritual. Dive boat to remain vigilant at all times.
Swami Rock has a good land scape. Visibility variable 5 – 15 m. Good marine life.


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Erakandy ship wreck
14 km

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