Dive Sites in Batticaloa

Wreck HMS Hermes
42 m to 53 m m (for tec divers) ULTIMATE WRECK DIVE 

Boiler wrecks
8 m
good for Recreational divers.

Muslim Rock
22 m

White Rock

Proppa gala (rock)

20  m

Kalpara  Gala (rock)
25 m

outside 8 – 12 m

Wreck MFA Athelstane    42 m

Holyhok    42 m in Kalmunail

Wreck 3 – 6 mk Lady Blake 12 m

Mushroom Rock

Passekuda Domes
18 m

Elephant rock East

Passekuda boiler wreck
10 m

British Sergeant 

Bombed by the Japanese along with the wreck hermes was the supply oil tanker to the British fleet. 14 m to 25 m