Dive Sites in Batticaloa

Wreck HMS Hermes
42 m to 53 m  ULTIMATE WRECK DIVE boat elapse time 15 mins from the Deep Sea Resort.  Minimum certification requirement Tec 40 / Tec 45 – An ideal CCR play ground.

Boiler wrecks
4 m to 8 m An excellent dive site for beginners for their open water training. A spectacular  growth of corals and magnitude of fish to be seen Ideal site for Discover scuba diving for Recreational divers.

Butterfly Rock
14 m to 22 m An excellent dive site ideal for open water training. Large boulders and corals as well as marine life can be seen.

White Rock

Good for a open water divers for their training as well as for the fun dives. Depth top of the rock is 5m next level 8 m the cave is at 10 m Hi adventure for beginners. Lots; of Lobbed pore corals and christmas tree worms, clarks annemone and much to see 

Proppa gala (rock)

14 m to 20  m  Large boulders to see

Kalpara  Gala (rock)
25 m In Sinhala Hora para gala – Rogue travelly reef.

Good site of advanced open water training and for their adventures’

outside 8 – 12 m

Wreck MFA Athelstane    42 m  Off Kalmunai

Holyhok    42 m in Kalmunail

Wreck 3 – 6 mk Lady Blake 12 m  In Passekuda

Mushroom Rock
18m  In Passekuda

Passekuda Domes
18 m

Elephant rock East

Passekuda boiler wreck
10 m

British Sergeant 

Bombed by the Japanese along with the wreck hermes was the supply oil tanker to the British fleet. 14 m to 25 m  –  World class dive. Good for penetration. all sailors escaped and rescued. Not a war grave.