Batticaloa Dive Sites

Batticaloa Dive Sites

Tec Deep 40 / 45 / 50 courses available on request.


Accommodation for divers in Batticoloa. At the Deep sea Resort

Hotel DBL room with breakfast 30 – 40 US$. Transport to Batticoloa from The airport and drop off back to the airport US$ 250 Transfer duration each way 5 – 6 hours from the airport and Negombo.

  1. Wreck HMS Hermes 58 m (for tec divers)
  2. Boiler wrecks 8 m good for Recreational divers.
  3. Muslim Rock. 22 m
  4. White Rock 16m
  5. Proppa gala (rock 16 m
  6. Koppara Gala. (rock) 16 m
  7. Nawalady out side 8 – 12 m
  8. Wreck MFA Athelstane
  9. Holyhok
  10. Wreck 3 – 6 mk Lady Blake 12 m
  11. Mushroom Rock. 18m
  12. Passekuda Domes. 18 m
  13. Elephant rock East
  14. Passekuda boiler wreck 10 m
  15. British Sergeant.

The wreck not positively identified as the Tanker British Sergeant.

The wreck is situated about 25 km north of the wreck HMS Hermes. Total distance to cover from

The Deep Sea Resort is 38 km. We use 25 hp out board motors on 19.5 ft fiber glass boats.

In smooth seas during the early hours of the morning we cover the distance in about an hour and ten minutes.

The wreck is in two parts. Distance between the two are little more than 15m.

Depth to the top of the wreck is about 14m and depth to the sea sea bed is 25m. The propeller is missing. An excellent wreck for penetration. In one of the tanks still some loads of fuel oil can be found even 70 years after the sinking.

As per a surviving eye witness this wreck too was attacked by the Japanese fighter bombers during the Indian Ocean raid on the 9th of April 1942 along with HMS Hermes, HMAS Vampire the destroyer, MFA Athelstane, covet – Holyhok etc.

We used twin tanks and more than 90 mins needed to explore both parts.

Visibility not as good as on the wreck HMS Hermes. Two lagoon mouth are not far away from the wreck.

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