Twice A YEAR  March  and November with a job guarantee  !! 

2018 Preparation course PADI IDC PADI Instructor Exam
NOVEMBER October 27th- 31st Nov  2nd – 7th Nov 9th and 10th Nov

Join our preparation course  to build up confidence to join the IDC program !!!  Most friendly &N helpful ! staff MI Feli (Sinhala / English / German) Duration 12 days Prerequisite Information - be aPADI Dive master or possess a leadership level certification from an another organization. Courses are offered to help you achieve your PADI Divemaster certification. Contact us for details. Candidates need 100 log dives and be a certified diver for at least six months or more.To attend a PADI Instructor examination. Please book early !! Space limited !!!! 

  • IDC – complete course (AI and OWSI)
  • Emergency First Response Instructor Course (EFRI)
  • Nitrox Instructor Specialty course
  • Unlimited class & pool sessions before your IDC
  • Unlimited after hours IDC Support
  • Mock IE (complete Instructor exam rehearsal)
  • Introduction to Tec diving
  • Business of Diving Workshop
  • Tanks, weights, belts
  • Free rental BCD, wetsuit, regulator
  • free-flow tea, coffee and drinking water
  • Free Wi-Fi at the dive centre
  • Free airport pick up
  • Free twin sharing accommodation with another idc candidate


Twice a year, March and November, with real job placements and dive careers available at Sri Lanka Diving Tours for some successful candidates. No one may become a PADI Open Water SCUBA Instructor or higher without first passing a PADI Instructor Examination.  You may not attend an IE unless your paperwork has been signed by an active PADI Course Director within the last 12 months.  The global IE timetable is set by PADI annually and Instructor Development Courses often run immediately beforehand.  IDC Staff Instructor Courses can run alongside or privately, through a PADI 5* Instructor Development Store.   The single best way for PADI IDC candidates to prepare themselves prior to their arrival here in beautiful Sri Lanka is to enrol on PADI’s eLearning Dive Theory Online for AUD $120 (2014), which you may send directly to PADI  Please e-mail me so I know to check that I have received it and then I will send you a Gift Pass immediately.  This course covers in detail Physics; Physiology; Recreational Dive Planner; Skills and Environment; and Equipment, with many IE-standard test questions so you may assess your own understanding and progress.  You must first pass full sets of these Dive Theory Examinations with me before I can sign your paperwork and send you to a PADI Instructor Exam, where you must pass them all individually again.  Not doing so is the most common cause of PADI IDC and IE candidates not being successful.  Dive Theory is not part of a PADI IDC and was covered in detail on the 2009 PADI Divemaster curriculum, but this was slimmed-down considerably in 2010.   My main focus is to produce confident, effective and efficient instructors.  Wherever else you read this, you heard it here first!  Your IE is an objective evaluation conducted by PADI staff, who were first CDs themselves.  PADI Asia Pacific will charge you AUD 760 for any part of a first IE conducted in its region in 2014.  In the unfortunate event of you being unsuccessful, PADI AP charges AUD 320 for each segment you re-sit at a subsequent IE in its region.  Fees differ for IEs conducted in Europe, Middle East & Africa or in Americas.  For your PADI Instructor Examiner to be able to allow you to participate in any part of an IE, I must first fix to your IDC Certificate of Completion the holographic decal sticker from PADI’s Guide to Teaching, which ships with IDC Crew-paks.  We sell Crew-paks for ● or you may buy them at home and I can help you to prioritise your luggage allowance.   Your PADI IE will have four segments:  Written Exams; Knowledge Development; Confined Water; and Open Water.  You may have someone translate for you during the last three, but absolutely never during Written Exams, where you are allowed dictionaries and electronic translators with no GSM, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity.  Written Exams comprise Dive Theory; and PADI Systems, Standards and Procedures (General Standards & Procedures―“GSP”).  PADI’s IDC eLearning is great for GSP and costs a further AUD 346 in 2014.  This covers nine of the presentations that I will repeat in class.  You will need your own personal pocket mask for Rescue Exercise #7.  This is covered on a mandatory workshop during your IDC and will be evaluated on your IE during the Open Water segment.  You will also need a basic, non-programmable calculator (no telephone, tablet or PC allowed) for your Dive Theory Exams.  All candidates need their own personal physical originals of both the blue-coloured air PADI DSAT Recreational Dive Planner and of the electronic multilevel eRDPml, together with both sets of Instructions for Use.  You must have a way of measuring elapsed seconds accurately underwater in order to time certain skills, to include hovering, breathing from a free-flowing regulator and also from an alternate air source.  This could be a waterproof watch or your dive computer only if dive mode can be disabled or if it has a stopwatch you can access in dive mode.  Both your Instructor Examiner and your CD know which models can do this J.  You will need a large analogue compass to teach navigation both during your IDC and on your IE.  All instructor candidates must also have a surface marker buoy and a finger spool to measure certain skills, e.g. controlled emergency swimming ascent and no-mask swim.  All candidates need a whistle or other audible surface signalling device and a knife.  We can sell you anything you need.   I am delighted to have a 100 per cent. first-time pass rate at the IE.  In the unlikely event of you being unsuccessful at your first IDC with me at Sri Lanka Diving Tours, you may re-sit any necessary segments with me at a second IDC here free of charge.   In order to become a PADI OWSI, you must first be a current instructor for both CardioPulmonary Resuscitation (Basic Life Support) and First Aid.  PADI will charge you a further AUD 144 together to process both your EFRI and Care for Children Instructor ratings.  N.B.  PADI Application Fees differ somewhat between regions.  You must have current student/provider primary (CPR) and secondary (1st Aid) care within the last 24 months for PADI to process your two EFRI ratings.  In 2104, I can include these in your package for an additional $165.  We charge ● together for the three EFRI Manuals (Primary & Secondary Care; CardioPulmonary Resuscitation & Automated External Defibrillator Guide; and CfC) or again, you may purchase them independently.   Once you have passed your IE and are a current EFRI, PADI will then process your OWSI rating, for which PADI will charge you directly a further AUD 212 (2014).  Thus your basic 2014 PADI AP fees will be AUD 1,116 (760 IE, 212 IDC Application, 144 EFRI Application).  These are taken directly by PADI AP via credit card on three forms during your IE Orientation.   I also offer PADI MSDT Prep, being five Speciality Instructor Training Courses, for a further $500 and also full MSDT Internships, where you team-teach with more experienced instructors to build your confidence further and get the chance to earn your first 25 PADI Diver certifications, for an extra $450, so $950 total in addition to your IDC.  Alternatively, individual instructor specialities are also available at a cost of $200 each.  In 2014, PADI AP will then charge you a further AUD 83 for each Speciality Instructor Application Fee, with five-for-four for PADI AP members, so 4×83=AUD 332 for five.  If you take these courses with me, then you may begin teaching your PADI Specialities immediately and you increase your employability.  Your PADI fees are also substantially lower than if you wait until you have certified 25 PADI SCUBA divers or 125 Discover SCUBA Divers and then apply directly.  Naturally I will give you role-model demonstrations of how you may then teach these PADI Specialties to your own student divers.  Certain courses, notably Enriched Air NitrOx Diver and Self-Reliant Diver Distinctive (solo diving) require the student level, which I can include in your package for an additional $250 each.   I can train you personally from PADI DSAT Tec Basics Distinctive right up through full hypoxic advanced Tec Trimix 90 Instructor and also my own TecRec Technical Advanced Wreck Distinctive Diver and Instructor Courses.  Additionally, I am an ANDI Cave Instructor.   If you have a 40 per cent. NitrOx certification or any other non-PADI qualifications, then please send me pdf scans or photographs of both sides of the same, e.g. Open Water, SSI Advanced Adventurer, SSI Stress and Rescue Speciality, Red Cross Primary/BLS and Secondary Care, St. John’s Ambulance, BSAC Dive Leader, CMAS Instructor, etc..  Regardless of training agency, the Worldwide Recreational SCUBA Training Council does not allow PADI to certify OWSIs unless they have been certified divers for at least six months.   If you need any PADI student-level courses (initial certification, AOW, Rescue, EFR Primary and Secondary Care, Divemaster), then please let me know and I will provide you with package pricing.   We do include IDC Prep at the start of our IDCs, but this does assume that you genuinely achieved mastery of all pre-IDC PADI courses, including the PADI Open Water Diver Course, PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course, PADI Rescue Diver Course and PADI Divemaster Course, including having achieved at least 75 per cent. on each of the five Dive Theory topics discussed above, together with the arithmetic and English language reading and comprehension levels of a typical English-speaking 18-year-old school leaver.  You are expected to be able to perform the 20 basic PADI SCUBA diving skills to the level required to have passed a PADI Divemaster Course properly, as there is a mandatory skill circuit on your IDC and mini-skill circuit (to include the horizontal CESA) in the Confined Water segment of your IE.   All of our IDC packages do include the following free of additional charge:  Accommodation during your IDC; free diving for life subject to standard terms and conditions; IDC Prep; PADI Assistant Instructor Course; Emergency First Response Instructor Course and Care for Children Instructor Course.   Your multi-award-winning PADI Course Director Dan Robinson will be personally available to you before, during and after your course and class sizes are kept small so you will have the attention you need and are paying for.  Your friendly PADI Master Instructor and dive resort owner Feli is always around and helping to develop you, in the hope that your personality and abilities will be the right fit for you and his team, as, unusually, there are a number of real employment opportunities available at Sri Lanka Diving Tours for the right candidates.  As an example, CD Dan’s candidate David from Austria, whom he trained in Maldives in August 2014, was hired on the spot by Feli.  Feli’s mother tongue is Sinhala and he is also fluent in both English and German.   In my experience it is extremely rare for genuine job offers to be waiting for you at your IDC store after your successful IE, so may I respectfully advise you to pay in full now in order to guarantee your space.  Your team here in Sri Lanka is committed to helping you become an awesome PADI dive educator.   For Teaching Status MSDTs and EFRIs, we offer our PADI IDC Staff Instructor Course for $750.  If you would like a Member Status Update and EFRI Retraining Course, then these are an additional $195.  PADI will not process your IDC Staff Instructor rating unless I write on your Application Form the code number that ships with the PADI Course Director Manual, which we sell for ● or you may source your own.  The 2014 PADI AP IDCS Application Fee is a further AUD 137.  This fun course has no PADI IE for you, but it will be incredibly useful for all if you can remain here during the IDC candidates’ IE.  You will learn how to conduct your own PADI Assistant Instructor Courses through PADI 5* Stores, together with compassionate counselling techniques and accurate control scoring for Knowledge Development, Confined Water and Open Water Teaching Presentations.  You will need your own personal big A4 Evaluation Slates for both Confined Water and Open Water, which we can sell to you for [● each] or you may source your own.   Please note your DM rating need not be renewed for the year in which you do your IDC.  Depending on the countries you intend to teach in (e.g. UK, Maldives), you may be required to maintain current third-party professional liability insurance and prove the same to PADI in order to achieve Teaching Status.  DAN (Divers’ Alert Network) Pro Bronze EU or higher is recommended.  I have Pro Gold #178097.   For all PADI professional-level courses (DM+) and all TecRec courses, diver or instructor, you will need a current unconditional fitness-to-dive clearance signed by an independent medical doctor, after a bona fide physical examination, within one year from the final day of your IE.  It is recommended for your convenience that you bring this with you.  Your PADI Instructor Examiner will not allow you to participate in either of the water sessions on your IE without it and you will not be able to join any of the water sessions on your IDC until you have given the same to your PADI Course Director Dan Robinson.   For the avoidance of any doubt at all whatsoever, you will be asked to confirm your understanding of all of the aforementioned before your payment in full is taken, the same to be non-refundable but creditable against future courses conducted at Sri Lanka Diving Tours.   I should like to extend my personal warm wishes to you.  I am most eager to answer any and all of your questions and I look forward to meeting you, training you and diving with you.


Contact  felicianfernando@hotmail.com Mob 0094777648459  

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